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White Papers

EMA - Too Critical to Fail?
Ready for Anything: Avoiding Peak Load Web Application Failure
Are Your Cloud Applications Performance Ready?Ptak/Noel
Managing extreme web site peak loads Joint Citrix white paper 
10 steps to sucessful load testing
5 steps to getting started with Web Performance monitoring
10 steps to holiday peak-proof Web Performance
Why Web Performance is key to success in online gaming

Product Sheets

Product sheet: Apica LoadTest
Product sheet: Apica ProxySniffer
Product sheet: Apica WebPerformance
Product sheet: Apica LoadTest SelfService
Product sheet: Apica AzureCheck
Product sheet: Apica Private Agent

Download Apica ProxySniffer, Version 5.0-K

Windows XP/Vista/7/2008
Windows -Server Edition (64bit)
Mac OS X
Linux (Ubuntu prefeered)
Firefox Recording Extension V3.1  May 5, 2012: for Firefox V3.* - V13.*
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